Third time fail…and then I need help


I took JLPT N1 for the third time on December 4th, 2016. I had to fly to Houston for the exam…it was a rainy day, and yet I felt so hopeful to pass this time after a two-year hiatus. I took private online lessons once a week, with the goal of improving both my speaking and reading skills. It seems my reading skills improved only a bit – I still failed spectacularly this year. I can offer a few excuses: I’m in a graduate program that differs completely from my previous field, had problems to take care of, while also applied to a Ph.D. program with a tight deadline. However, excuses are worthless – it won’t change anything. So I think,”Why not just go to Japan?”.
Going to Japan is another dream of mine. My sister joined a one-year program (Bekka) in Japan, and I envied her a lot. Now, I don’t have the luxury of one year to study Japanese, but 3 or 6 months should suffice.
For this purpose, I scoured the internet for a good short-term program. After comparing several programs and reading the graduates’ reviews, I decided to go with a program at the Aichi prefecture. I won’t name names at this point until I get accepted. My goals are twofold: improving my Japanese skills to the point of not only passing JLPT N1 this year but also being professionally proficient in a business setting, and also getting an experience living in Japan. Many Japanese businesses are opening in Plano including Toyota, so I hope to be able to use Japanese at work after I come back.
Next, I will write about my application process, including my brazen request to be admitted to the Advanced Japanese program at the school.



3 thoughts on “Third time fail…and then I need help

  1. I’m glad that you found a program at 愛知県. I just wanted to ask if you have ever considered going onto the JET Programme? With an N2 level Japanese, you could be a Coordinator for International Relations (国際交流員) and will definitely improve with daily translation jobs.

    • That’s an interesting thought. I’ve looked into it before but JET program did not apply to me due to some restrictions. Right now I’m happy to get this opportunity to learn there for a few months. Hopefully it will be useful. Your website is interesting!

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