Starting the Journey (again)


2015. I was nervously waiting for the result of JLPT N1 in January 29th and then found out the result…I didn’t pass again! This is my second year of taking JLPT N1. Maybe third time’s the charm? Maybe I will have better luck taking the test in Houston rather than in San Francisco?

However, the result said loud and clear: I need to study more. For this I have a new friend (app): It’s available for both iOS and

I put in a goal of studying Japanese everyday. There’s actually a community with the same goal in it. I check in every time I learn Japanese. Unfortunately, it’s still not everyday. Either I need to change the frequency to three times a week (more reasonable?) or be more disciplined and follow the goal. Maybe I’ll do this as part of tiny habit.

By the way, if anybody interested, tiny habit’s free online class will start in February 23. Check this out:


2 thoughts on “Starting the Journey (again)

  1. sumsum

    I wonder, how are you doing? 🙂 Are you still aiming for N1 or are you just having some fun with the language nowadays? I only found your blog recently but I enjoyed reading your stories 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! I’m not planning to take N1 any time soon, but definitely someday. I still enjoy Japanese media and take occasional conversation class online. What about you? Planning for any exam this year?

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