Retaking JLPT N1 ….:(


I checked my score online and found out that I have to retake N1. Tentatively I put the exam date to be this December, but I may be taking it 2, 3 years down the road.

Right now, my priority is to learn Japanese correctly. I can form sentences but most of the time just “wing it” while having conversation, so the structure is a bit strange. I was devastated when a teacher told me that “If you use incorrect Japanese, no matter how long you’ve been learning, it won’t make sense (to your listeners)”. Also, the teacher pointed out that merely listening and reading (during lesson with a teacher) are not enough. I should be actively taking notes while forming sentences.

Good advice, even though it’s a tad difficult. I’m still writing kanji down in the exercises book, but prefer to type my notes. Better yet, another teacher is sending me a pdf of our conversation, but with the correct grammar. It’s really useful and I’m going to copy it down by hand. When I have time that is.


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