Bingo! Progress in reading…


I’m studying Japanese almost full-time now, besides Montessori elementary education. However, every day is not always following the same schedule. I wish I could do 8 hours a day study, but I’m steadily adding up my time right now. My best study place is either the library or a neighborhood Starbucks. Today I was working on the 3A Kanzen Master N1 Dokkai and found I could get the right answers on most of my readings. It’s great, because even in N2, I was lost in the reading part and was only saved by the listening section. Amazing what immersion can do with listening comprehension skills! However, I played the N2 listening CD every day during my working commute every day until the exam date, so I got used to the vocabularies. Today the hard work from months ago finally brought to fruition with my recognizing Kanji. Some are really hard to differentiate from each other! I’m keeping up my schedule. In September I’ll be in teaching practicum full time, so studying Japanese daily may be a challenge.


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