Still working on it!


I read a book by Shinichi Suzuki, “Young Children’s Talent Education and Its Method”. Very interesting read, even though it’s a relatively old book, published in 1949 and reprinted in 1996. He was an advocate of early childhood education especially in the field of music. In his other books, he repeatedly said that if a Japanese child can speak Japanese fluently, he can do other things similarly brilliantly. This book showed steps that can be taken in educating a child – for example helping the child weeding out bad habits early, cultivate skills through habit, and do only one thing at a time. These are the things that my father used to scold me, since I was a willful and easily bored child, always going from one thing to another quickly. 

This time, I’m working on a Japanese language study habit, start by reviewing at least  10 minutes a day. One example Suzuki mentioned was about a child who instead of practicing 10 minutes a day, practiced 30 minutes on the third day, since his mother was busy and could not supervise his practice. Suzuki said that 2 days of not practicing is 2 days of negative growth of strength.

Another point is just doing one thing at a time. I spread myself to so many directions (learning French and Japanese at the same time) and could not focus. I knew I had to prioritize one, but I already paid for French classes until July, so I wanted to use those. This year, since my priority is in Japanese and to pass JLPT N1, I will have to drop other things and pursue this goal diligently. 


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