On Personality Type and Study


I mentioned in a previous post that I am an ISFJ. As a person with introverted sensing and extroverted thinking, I am looking for concrete and systematic data. One thing for sure, I am not very imaginative. I worked for a manager who was intuitive type (N) and my eyes glazed over whenever he gave me a long-winded explanation to my questions. For me example is King. Just give me a spreadsheet model and I would get it with minimal instruction/help. It takes me more time to familiarize myself with some new concepts.

Therefore I feel that what helps me the most are to copy example sentences and to see Japanese words/Kanji often through iKnow app. I also use Nintendo Kanji Kentei game which helps reinforce the Kanji through repetitive writing. Even though I use Anki for reviewing, I am also writing the answers manually instead of just imagining them. This does take time, but as a person with dominant Sensing I need to study with all my senses – vision, touch (writing), and listening.


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