The “sort of” curriculum


I found that I’m bad at memorizing. Spaced repetition app does not help me much as I often do mindless reviewing. To date, I have Anki app, sticky study kanji  app, and also iKnow app in my iPhone. iKnow is really helpful to reinforce words and Kanji in my brain. Too bad I’m so impatient with the process and still have not finished even 1 level. I started 3 levels at once, and now in Core 1000 level 4, core 2000 level 4, and core 3000 level 3. 😦

OK, so here I am at Starbucks, trying to work on Kanji in Context chapter 98. I also copied several sentences from Esse magazine. Here’s what I wrote in MS Word using Japanese IME input:


I learned that 買い替え reads kaikae and not kaigae.

Here’s another one:


I didn’t know that the last kanji compound is read tanmatsu or terminal. I will discuss with my sensei in my next class.


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