Seeking structure and clarity


It’s a mess. I have too much time on my hands that I got lost. Earlier I wanted to devote at least an hour to study and steadily get ready for December 1 exam. My problem is that I want to see results quickly and I didn’t see any meaning to this study. Even though I spent lots of time already (I was in Starbucks for 3 hours straight just working on iKnow, Kanji in Context, and several pages of Hyouka novel), there’s no structure.

I’m an ISFJ and obsessed with rules and structures. When I took Japanese class eons ago, I did well and passed old JLPT 3 easily. Now, studying on my own, I had to schedule my time better. The reason for success for taking my professional exam: 1. Know the test material 2. Spend time to study it well enough to pass 3. Simulate the exam and test frequently.

I’m writing down my own curriculum tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll get a better idea how to proceed.


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