My Japanese learning schedule


So here I am, just moving to the Bay Area. Since I have plenty of time, I can devote some of the time to learning Japanese.

My goal is to pass JLPT N1 this December after passing N2 last year. My first step is to remember the 2045 Kanji and after that getting up to speed in reading. Sounds simple, right? But my day is unstructured and I failed to follow my schedule. I successfully used Excel to schedule my move but I’m such a klutz with study schedule. I wish there’s a software for JLPT exam with a target exam date scheduler (similar to what I used to pass CPA exam).

Here’s my plan: create a schedule in excel with target date of December 1, 2013. As in any exams, hours are like gold (in the words of Joe Hoyle of He advised to study 60-100 hours per part. There are 2 parts of N1 exam: kanji vocabulary/grammar/reading and listening. I aim to log in a minimum of 1 hour study, 5 days a week to get to 120-200 hours of total study hours.


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